Monday, December 28, 2009

Nearing the year's end..

Some thoughts sent in to a reader's local newspaper.

The close of 2009 is upon us. A year ago; much fanfare, talk of change, and a theme of “Hope” heralded a new administration. The rhetoric had been appealing, and had been whipped into a firestorm by an adoring media, Hollywood crowd, and “entitlement seekers” of many persuasions. As is often the case when “Hope” replaces logic, common sense, and reason, disappointment soon follows. A totalitarian direction, propagating through the past several administrations not only hasn’t been reversed, it is accelerating.

Sharing culpability in this totalitarian quest are the legislative bodies, at both the federal and state levels. Legislative bodies like those of the judiciary, and executive branches, were intended to be taking orders, not issuing them. The government of “We the People” made up of three distinct and separate branches, has always been intended as one of, by, and for “We the People”. Sadly and obviously, this is not the case today. The checks and balances imparted in “Our” Constitution between these three separate branches have been marginalized, trivialized, and ignored. “We the People” are NOT free women, children, and men. When “Our” elected public servants assume their offices and fail to exact the will of “We the People” and the Constitution, which they all swore or affirmed to obey, uphold, and protect, we are no longer a free society.

When overwhelming public outcry for secure borders, no amnesty, increased domestic energy production, no stimulus, no bailouts, no government takeover of the auto industry are crammed down “We the Peoples” throats, we are NOT free. When healthcare is forced upon us, with the beneficiaries being the trial lawyers and big pharmaceutical companies, and the losers being “We the People” who must pay for it, we are NOT free.

When our elected public servants pass laws that benefit themselves, yet subject the citizenry to a lesser quality of life, we have lost our country. It is not a matter of losing our country. It is already gone.

The criminals who were sent by “We the People” to conduct “We the Peoples” business have desecrated OUR Constitution, OUR will, and OUR country.

“We the People” have remedies. We can vote them out. This hardly seems adequate. We don’t wait until any other criminal decides their career is over before taking action. Time, and the money stolen from us, will be used to buy back many among us with gifts, and handouts, paid for by unborn generations. “We the People” can fire them; after all “We the People” hired them. OUR Declaration of Independence gives us explicit recourse for the conditions in which “We the People” currently find ourselves and OUR posterity.

We need not split hairs, any and ALL career politicians must go, if their time in office (formerly called service) is greater than eight or ten years they are part of the problem not the solution. We may throw out a couple of good ones, but chances are slim, and the benefits out weigh the risks. After all random Citizens from off the streets could be inserted and do a better job.

This is OUR country, and it presently is in no condition to be handed down to OUR posterity. “We the People” through OUR negligence and complacency have allowed this to happen. Let us “We the People” make 2010 the year the Republic is restored, and OUR children are saved from the despots, oligarchs, and tyrants who occupy OUR offices, which have always been intended for public servants.

Blaise Dornisch
Elk County Tea Party; Johnsonburg

Well Said Blaise..

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