Friday, January 30, 2009

"Bipartisan" Opposition

That's right.. Take it as you will, but there are still a few folks who have to question the logic of money being spent that has not been even earned by those who are yet to be born. Right CUZ says these Democrats need an "attaboy":

"F Allen Boyd - FL
Bobby Bright - AL
Jim Cooper - TN
Brad Ellsworth - IN
Parker Griffith - AL
Paul Kanjorski - PA
Frank Kratovil - MD
Walt Minnich - ID
Collin Peterson - MN
Heath Shuler - NC
Gene Taylor - MS

These Democrats need to be congratulated for having the courage to stand up to Speaker (Queen Bee) Nancy Pelosi and vote against her proposed fleecing of America. The opposition to this bill was bipartisan. It was passed only by Democrats."

I agree. Partisanship aside these folks prove a point. ALL Republicans stood firm, and the measure only passed on the signatures of LEFTIST Democrats. I encourage the follow through to the entire article.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Worth Reading..

Mike Volpe offers a few suggestions for Republicans worth considering. Take copious notes and pick your battles is pretty much the theme, but worth a read in any event.

Essentially, the Obama popularity is quite fragile, as ANYONE's could be.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Marxism has arrived.

Lounge daddy notes something we should not overlook.

In light of the INCREDIBLE amount of change we are about to witness, it will be hard for even RESPONSIBLE journalists to pick up on all the nuances. Full blown Marxism has arrived in America.

The end result is we wind up staring at each other from our heads on a stick.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

YES UAW involvement in criminal activity..

Because it was brought up...

Ex-UAW officials get probation

Two former United Auto Workers union officials at the General Motors Corp. truck plant in Pontiac were sentenced Thursday to probation by U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds in Detroit for their convictions on violations of federal labor laws.

Donny Douglas, 65, of Holly, and Jay Campbell, 65, of Davisburg, were convicted June 27, 2006, in a jury trial. They had been indicted in September 2002.

the above referenced from this article..

"Briefly.(Briefs)(Company overview)." Crain's Detroit Business. Crain Communications, Inc. 2007. Retrieved January 10, 2009 from HighBeam Research:

Then there is ...

Copyright 2009 U.S. Newswire

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The constant barage of insipid

A letter of the type the DNC sends out frequently.. My translations in RED:


Yesterday was a terrific day to be a Democrat. We swore in 7 new senators, a true testament to all the hard work you put in to ensure a Democratic victory last November.

Yesterday we slammed the door shut on a man (Burris) who thought he could find a warm welcome in this, a Democrat controlled institution. No.. Blago didn't pay, so his boy isn't going going to play.

We still face huge challenges - a slumping economy, the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a looming climate crisis. But looking out over the Senate chamber yesterday, I feel more confident than ever that our new senators - backed by your tireless grassroots support - will be a huge part of turning this country around.

We know this isn't going to work.. never was really expected to work, and as long as you need us, we will be happy to take your money and give part of it back. The new senators Joining us will be twice as wasteful as the last too, because they think it is normal to spend more than we take in.

I, for one, am eager to turn the page on the last eight years.

I, For One didn't like the last eight years because I do not think people should be able to keep their money they earn.. its not right.

As we welcome these new and vibrant leaders into the Senate, I am reminded of how crucial a role your support for the DSCC played in our stunning victories. Because we could rely on your committed support from the beginning, we were able to recruit terrific candidates like Kay Hagan in North Carolina and Mark Warner in Virginia. Your tireless support for our ongoing field and media campaigns helped us win close races for Mark Begich in Alaska and Jeff Merkley in Oregon.

Your support (and yes you foreign $5 supporters too.. god bless you) has played a major part in the cover up of campaign irregularities and the necessary obfuscation of the truth in order to win a majority that is nearly bullet proof. Damn I am wetting my 36 year old dirty dungarees thinking about what we are going to jam down your gullet in the coming 4 years..

The DSCC, under the skillful new leadership of Sen. Bob Menendez is already laying the foundation for even more victories in 2010. I know that bringing the change this country needs will take every one of the 59 Democratic seats you have already helped us win, and that if we can win even more in 2 years time, we can help President-elect Obama achieve greater and greater goals.

The DSCC, under the skillful new leadership of Sen. Bob Menendez is already laying the foundation for even more election theft in 2010 I know that bringing the country to its knees will take every one of the 59 Democratic seats you have already helped us win, and that if we can win even more in 2 years time, we can fuuly transform this country into the marxist utopia you want along with President-elect Obama achieving greater and greater power.

Thank you once again for everything you have already done to support the DSCC and for everything you will continue to do. We truly owe all of our success to your steadfast dedication.


King Harry Reid

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well of course!!

New Senator from NY??

LOL This makes sense now!

This... is what we are talking about

The liberals conspiracy, and what they are willing to do to "paint" the conservatives as racist or otherwise.

The Conspiracy to discredit by liberal activism.

Good Job Bill and TeamSarah!