Monday, December 14, 2009


Cap and trade embers still burn, even in the face of made up scientific basis, promulgation of falsified data etc..

The mind numbed faculty in our nation's legislative offices as a whole are bad enough, and hard to take, but when the Republicans begin to act like Democrats, or frankly like straight out Marxist top down managers of our economy, we have a problem.

It is almost impossible to overstate the damage Graham has done across the board by sleeping with the enemy on this draconian socialistic measure. Not only has he increased the chances of the once-moribund bill’s passage by giving it bipartisan cover, he has also served notice on the American people that he has now become nothing more than a carbon-obsessed copy of all that he once pretended to oppose.

Checks and balances slow the movement of the meanderings of the mush that seems to thrive on capitol hill, and to see some of the stop measures weakened by the likes of Graham, Snowe, Collins.. One must wonder if it isn't too late.

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