Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah is not Running

All I have for Sarah Palin is the deepest admiration and respect.

Her decision to NOT seek the Republican nomination for President is one I had hoped might not come, but understand both her reasons, and why it might be best at this time for our country.

Her reasons are quite obvious. Though I wish she would have waited a bit longer, driving the media nuts with speculation, it is clear they were waiting to publish re-hashed Sarah-bashing articles and produced hit pieces. She scares the hell out of the left, and the sycophants in the media are merely tools of that faction.

Why it is best? Although I would have bolted the Cain camp in support of Palin easily, I believe Herman Cain likely has the best opportunity to heal what has been done to the image of failure being presented in comparison to race. The Barack Obama failure may be seen by some as a failure due to race, whether we like it or not. The FAILURE of Obama as any reasoning person understands, is in fact as the result of his backward ideology. The ideology of redistribution and submission to government.

Herman Cain offers both the experience as an executive, and the appropriate ideology that matches our country's heritage and culture. He and many of the other Republicans in the race believe in a strong USA, that is truly better than any other country. Perhaps it is his, or their time.

Sarah will serve us well by being a voice to keep our leadership in line. Few can rally folks like this incredible woman.

May God bless and keep her as a part of the soul of this great nation.