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The religion of Peace

Call it what it is.. Scroll to the bottom of the link below for a day by day count of the "culling" performed by some, in the name of Islam.

The question is.. why would SO MANY take this "Religion of Peace" to such extremes?

Perhaps it reads this way.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nearing the year's end..

Some thoughts sent in to a reader's local newspaper.

The close of 2009 is upon us. A year ago; much fanfare, talk of change, and a theme of “Hope” heralded a new administration. The rhetoric had been appealing, and had been whipped into a firestorm by an adoring media, Hollywood crowd, and “entitlement seekers” of many persuasions. As is often the case when “Hope” replaces logic, common sense, and reason, disappointment soon follows. A totalitarian direction, propagating through the past several administrations not only hasn’t been reversed, it is accelerating.

Sharing culpability in this totalitarian quest are the legislative bodies, at both the federal and state levels. Legislative bodies like those of the judiciary, and executive branches, were intended to be taking orders, not issuing them. The government of “We the People” made up of three distinct and separate branches, has always been intended as one of, by, and for “We the People”. Sadly and obviously, this is not the case today. The checks and balances imparted in “Our” Constitution between these three separate branches have been marginalized, trivialized, and ignored. “We the People” are NOT free women, children, and men. When “Our” elected public servants assume their offices and fail to exact the will of “We the People” and the Constitution, which they all swore or affirmed to obey, uphold, and protect, we are no longer a free society.

When overwhelming public outcry for secure borders, no amnesty, increased domestic energy production, no stimulus, no bailouts, no government takeover of the auto industry are crammed down “We the Peoples” throats, we are NOT free. When healthcare is forced upon us, with the beneficiaries being the trial lawyers and big pharmaceutical companies, and the losers being “We the People” who must pay for it, we are NOT free.

When our elected public servants pass laws that benefit themselves, yet subject the citizenry to a lesser quality of life, we have lost our country. It is not a matter of losing our country. It is already gone.

The criminals who were sent by “We the People” to conduct “We the Peoples” business have desecrated OUR Constitution, OUR will, and OUR country.

“We the People” have remedies. We can vote them out. This hardly seems adequate. We don’t wait until any other criminal decides their career is over before taking action. Time, and the money stolen from us, will be used to buy back many among us with gifts, and handouts, paid for by unborn generations. “We the People” can fire them; after all “We the People” hired them. OUR Declaration of Independence gives us explicit recourse for the conditions in which “We the People” currently find ourselves and OUR posterity.

We need not split hairs, any and ALL career politicians must go, if their time in office (formerly called service) is greater than eight or ten years they are part of the problem not the solution. We may throw out a couple of good ones, but chances are slim, and the benefits out weigh the risks. After all random Citizens from off the streets could be inserted and do a better job.

This is OUR country, and it presently is in no condition to be handed down to OUR posterity. “We the People” through OUR negligence and complacency have allowed this to happen. Let us “We the People” make 2010 the year the Republic is restored, and OUR children are saved from the despots, oligarchs, and tyrants who occupy OUR offices, which have always been intended for public servants.

Blaise Dornisch
Elk County Tea Party; Johnsonburg

Well Said Blaise..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Return to Slavery … One Progressive Step at a Time

by Dave Cribbin

Let's just call it what it is, as one of my favorite economists Walter E. Williams writes in a recent Town Hall column:

"There is absolutely no moral case, much less constitutional case, for Congress forcibly using one American to serve the purposes of another American, a practice that differs only in degree from slavery, which we all should find morally offensive."

If you strip the health-care debate of it's sugar coated political buzz words such as mandate and public option, aren't we really talking about just another case where the government has decided to force you to labor for the benefit of someone else? At the rate we are going, how long will it be before you'll be spending more of your time working for others rather than yourself. Isn't that so very altruistic of you!

If the Health Care Police (HCP), I assume they would be the ones in charge of enforcing the governments health care mandate, knocked on your door every other Monday morning and forced your college educated 22 year old daughter to work all day picking up trash on the side of the highway you'd be horrified. You'd want some answers! What dastardly criminal act could she have committed to deserve such a punishment, keeping her out of work all day and thereby depriving her of 10% of her income?

They don't do that in America, you say. Well, not quite yet anyway, but they will soon if the Democrats have their way with health care. She will be forced by the government to spend an equivalent amount of her earnings to purchase something she had decided not to. Is this not also a practice that differs only in degrees?

As a parent, wouldn't you want to talk to the prosecutor to know what crime your daughter had committed that merited a fine that was upwards of 10% of her income? Shouldn't there be some kind of a trial to find her guilty before punishment is meted out, even if it is only a show trial like the one KSM is entitled to? Won't you be mortified to learn she has committed the most heinous of acts imaginable in our new Progressive Society? That's right she is guilty of working for an employer who does not provide health insurance, and has failed to purchase a government approved insurance policy on her own. Oh, the shame of it!

Your representatives in Congress are spinning a yarn that goes like this: legions of hospitalized young adults without medical insurance are the cause of the explosion in health insurance premiums. This in an attempt to justify a morally bankrupt and unconstitutional taking of private property. Their remedy? Mandate (a pretty word that means to force) that all citizens must buy health insurance. That's what they would like you to believe, but that is not what the facts tell us.

The fact is that they are bullying healthy young people into to subsidizing health care premiums for those in poor health who have medical insurance, those with preexisting conditions who have been denied health insurance coverage and those who are not financially able to purchase health insurance. The Progressive bullies in Congress always pick on the politically weak in society, in this case it happens to be young people, it's not like they are reliable voters anyway, and their perennial favorites, "The Rich" who will pay the freight to provide an insurance subsidy for the politically favored classes.

Will health insurance reform really be the rallying cry Progressives use to justify re-instituting a modern day version of Slavery in America?

Original post here: Return to Slavery - One progressive step at a a time

Monday, December 14, 2009


Cap and trade embers still burn, even in the face of made up scientific basis, promulgation of falsified data etc..

The mind numbed faculty in our nation's legislative offices as a whole are bad enough, and hard to take, but when the Republicans begin to act like Democrats, or frankly like straight out Marxist top down managers of our economy, we have a problem.

It is almost impossible to overstate the damage Graham has done across the board by sleeping with the enemy on this draconian socialistic measure. Not only has he increased the chances of the once-moribund bill’s passage by giving it bipartisan cover, he has also served notice on the American people that he has now become nothing more than a carbon-obsessed copy of all that he once pretended to oppose.

Checks and balances slow the movement of the meanderings of the mush that seems to thrive on capitol hill, and to see some of the stop measures weakened by the likes of Graham, Snowe, Collins.. One must wonder if it isn't too late.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

History Repeats Itself..

A worthy article I stumbled upon at the American Conservative.

Anyone not alarmed by the state of the U.S. economy is not paying attention. As our Dear Leader begins his term, the theory of very big government has the support of an alarmingly broad political consensus. Despite the obvious dangers—devastating inflation and the ruin of the dollar—the United States seems pledged to a debt-funded spending spree of gargantuan proportions.

In opposing this trend, critics face the problem that the perils to which they point sound very theoretical and abstract. Perhaps Zimbabwe prints its currency in multi-trillion units, but that’s a singularly backward African dictatorship: the situation has nothing to do with us. Yet an example closer to home might be more instructive. Unlike Zimbabwe, this story involves a flourishing Western country with a large middle class that nevertheless managed to spend its way into banana-republic status by means very similar to those now being proposed in Washington.

IT is a worthwhile read. History, our best teacher tells us much about where we go today.