Monday, June 1, 2009

Crap Pie

"Opinion" as some have stated previously is the domain of all.. along with A**holes

A recent opinion piece by Posner:

My theme is the intellectual decline of conservatism, and it is notable that the policies of the new conservatism are powered largely by emotion and religion and have for the most part weak intellectual groundings.

This part is opinion, sharing no fact to back up its claim. Whereas I can demonstrate by statics that global warming is indeed not happening, or is so sporadically so, that the label has had to morph to "climate change" for SOME level of validity. A preoccupation with abortion, an act which now is according to the most astounding poll results untenable to 51% of the country. And the spending and logistical failures of the previous administration definitely quite absurd, though priorities could well be argued and parsed.

If you fear the "Christians" or anti abortionists, or global warming deniers, or military supporters, lower tax policy wonks, or [homophobes - those who prefer not to bestow "special rights" on persons who engage in unnatural sex acts ] within the party trying to pull back a little to the right, yet accept more regulation, restrictions of energy source use, government control of business, and new taxes to pay (and reward bad spending) the bills, then you might be a Democrat.

There is no good end to Government gaining any more power over us. Its role is one of keeping brother from attacking brother, whether from afar or near. Its legitimate local practices include real infrastructure for commonly used, and required services such as Water and sewage. (Though it can be argued THAT could be done privately) Public Health, Public Safety as a role is correct. Public financial safety net is not, and the environmental hysteria over CO2 is an issue far from settled.

The current conservative movement is going to stand by that. Conservatives are not saying "Moderates we don't want you," but rather "look, if you want to be a democrat, then be a democrat, because saying you are Republican but adopting Democrat philosophies in a relativist manner doesn't make you a Republican.." You cannot remain fiscally responsible while supporting the statist tendencies of the left

Posner suggests there is emotion driving the conservative agenda, yet it is the fear mongering of the green movement which has placed so many jobs in the crapper in this state alone. Consider the current CAFE standards which have the manufacturer's average MPG set at about 30, and at the same time safety lobbies call for increased enhancement of door frame structure, collapse zones, etc.. THEN there are PPM mandates as well. Emissions (real pollution) output restrictions lower overall efficiency in automobiles. Nothing emotional about that, as it is fact. Add to this recipe a dash of decades old union-government hand holding and you have shit pie for Michigan or any other state that builds cars.

Our government HAS to remember we have competition in other parts of the world which learned from us, and all the lessons which made us great. And now we abandon them in a panic inspired "we are turning our planet into a dustbowl" takeover for the statist left. So yeah, I disagree with much of his assessment.

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