Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fire Shepard Smith

I don't feel like watching Fox anymore..

If I want to watch that Left Wing Ass Kissing Sycophant Matt Lauer, I'll turn on NBC in the morning. I have always thought of Shep as a little to the left, and there isn't anything wrong with that, but to say there was "something to it" referring to the DHS warning about returning vets.. based on the loon actions of a criminal LEFT WING anti Semite WWII vet?

Lost ALL credibility..

Message to Mr Smith. Time to go to washington.. your cabinet appointment is waiting. Your clear bias is showing.


Anonymous said...

yes "liberal" shepard smith.

How the fuck does every crazy right winger with an internet connection now claim to be a descendant of Madison, of some truth seeking idealism, when really you're all just partisan hacks.

NBC, real liberal. That's why GE owns them. If only all news were as truthful and trustworthy as good ol fox news, it's like watching uncle jim speakin the truth about them lazy wetbacks at thanksgivin...

Brooklyn Blood said...

Mr. Anonymous - you lost us at the beginning of your second paragraph. Typically a leftist with the inability to actually write an analytical argument without the use of playground vulgarity - this is why "YOU" people have no credibility within ANY debate!