Friday, August 15, 2008

Support #dontgo and let Pelosi know

The #dontgo movement is very real and very important movement. It has been the beacon of those who stayed behind to shame the current congress into acting on energy policy.

I would like to take an opportunity to lay out one little thing I think is not being emphasized enough.

Nancy is invested in CLNE. She did so in May of 2007 when the stock became available, and possibly at lower than IPO pricing per SEC documents that we have found.. Windfarms however, are not likely the big thing here. Wind farms merely are what Pickens wishes to use to divest the electrical generators of their fuel so it can be used for his promoted prop in California . The IMPORTANT Thing, is that the proposition essentially builds an entirely new infrastructure based on Natural Gas for vehicles and fleets which is CLNE's primary business model. Because they are unique, and would be likely be the sole providers for this new infrastructure, it suggests an incredible profit for investors such as Pelosi with even the slightest investment.

Think along the lines of Microsoft, or Google, or Ebay. A unique opportunity that comes to those who are incredibly smart, lucky, persevere, have friends, or are corrupt. Many have argued that Pelosi's investment is small, and that her true net worth demonstrates she wouldn't plot the course I contend for a measly $50-100K investment. Consider what Martha Stewart was accused of initially, and her Net worth FAR exceeds that of the Speaker's.

Nancy Pelosi has fought even coming to a vote for pursuing drilling options, and even now is only "teasing" a vote. She does NOT want oil to come down any further, and does not want gas to be cheap. If gas is cheap, Californians would then have little incentive to vote for a proposal which essentially relies on the currently high cost of gas.

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