Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Going to throw this out there.. Immigration solution

Cross posted from a Platform site I also run. YES it is arbitrary in times and conditions, but it could perhaps solve a problem though not in the spotlight, will not go away.

I support a more open immigration policy. We are a great nation of immigrants. The United States of America holds the greatest promise for any peoples in the world looking to better their standard of living. The USA is the greatest country on the face of the planet. I believe that any man woman or child who is willing to assimilate to our culture, and out way of life deserves the opportunity to be a part of this great land.

This is also a nation of laws however, and it must remain so. A proper path to legal citizenship for those born outside of the US boundaries needs to be made clear and followed, or we will suffer chaos, and become what many are trying so desperately to escape. Laws are in existence, which are sufficient to control the flow of illegal immigrants, but are seldom enforced.

I recommend the following as a solution to our current crisis, and a preventive measure designed to keep at bay further crisis.

1. Assign English as the national language. This forces new citizens to acclimate, share a common language, and makes cultural assimilation much easier. It also allows government to save money by eliminating multilingual periodicals, and expenses related to printed materials for speakers of other tongues. It does not FORCE anyone to use English in their homes, but ensures they have the appropriate tools to communicate and succeed in public activities.

2. Give a 30-day period for open enrollment for citizenship for those in the country already. No fine, but there should be a fee for processing and proficiency testing, and a community service commitment

3. The prospective new immigrant should meet the following criteria:
a. Enter a one-year probationary period. Extendable based on some conditions. Not to exceed three years by extensions
b. Pay an application fee for processing. This fee should fully cover the expenses for evaluations by officials or others assigned to determine applicant’s eligibility.
c. Contribute 200 hours of community service as an investment within the probationary period.
d. Demonstrate a proficiency of English within the probationary period.
e. Cannot have a felony on record.
f. Should not be found guilty of a misdemeanor within the probationary period. Being charged with a misdemeanor crime extends the probationary period until the matter has been adjudicated.
g. Receives a social security number and begins paying taxes on wages immediately upon entering the probationary period.
h. Children born to prospective citizens within the probationary period are not automatically granted citizenship.
i. Be of good health, and demonstrate ability to work, or attend school.
j. Pledge allegiance to our flag, and our country and principles of the constitution in English.

4. Deport ALL persons who do not comply, and restrict future immigration for 5 years.

Most people will recognize that welfare is a strong argument for solving the crisis we have, but I feel if these steps are taken, we will reduce the impact on a system which will likely never completely rid itself of those entitlements.

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