Friday, September 4, 2009

H1N1 detectors...

IT had to happen..

Dealing with the spread for the impending crisis makes business sense.. However it is interesting to see the new tools being deployed for such activities

SOFAB's walk-through infrared body temperature detector, doorframe type automatic scan temperature detector Produced by SOFAB Safety & Security Systems.

SOFAB walk-through infrared body temperature detector, doorframe type automatic scan
temperature detector, it has a high sensitive detection temperature, detects a wide range, fast speed, do not interfere with the measured target, the use security features, only the measured target detection in the infrared range of pass, instruments showed an immediate human body surface temperature, the operator can obtain accurate data. If they are suspicious fever patients, will immediately report to the police apparatus, a timely and effective manner to prevent the flow of cross-infection.

The device has a non-contact temperature measurement, high accuracy, fast measurement speed, over-temperature alarm. Particularly suitable for crossing, ports, airports, stations, hospitals and other occasions to use. Suitable for large flow of people in the public for the rapid detecting human body temperature.

1. Non-contact testing, safe and reliable, floor design, after the probe scans 0.3 ~ 0.5 seconds, it displays test results.
The test results are digital show. The red and green light-emitting diodes display the work state to be clear and intuitive, measurement system to automatically open.
2. Many vertical scanning probes are in order to adapt to different height
people for accurate measurement. An automatic voice broadcast system broadcasts monitoring results.

After starting the detector, a green light flashes. When it encounters a high temperature, the green light goes out, is turned off; in the meanwhile the red light flashes and it gives an alarm sound.

( Optional): After starting the detector, a green light does not brighten, when someone passes through it, the green light flashes in a normal temperature, but in a high temperature the red light flashes and it gives an alarm sound.

Technical data:
1. Door Size: (H) 2100mm x (W) 980mm x ((depth) 880mm. 2. Repeated measurement and time interval: 0.5 seconds.
3. Relative humidityпј?80%. Voltageпј?AC 110V, 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz. Temperature resolution: 0.1в??.
Door frame made by alloy, high-grade appearance. Alarm temperature: 37.5 в?? ( this temperature can be free to set up, for example: 37 в??, 37.1 в??, 37.2 в??, 37.3 в??, 37.4 в?? and so on). The factory setup is 37.5 в??, the body temperature exceeds it for the alarm.

Technical standards:
1. Conform to electrical safety international standard.
2. Anti-jamming conforms to international standard.
3. Conform to international health security standard.

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