Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tea Party Dissention

We who work, live by the rules, make the best attempts to pay our bills on time, make no excuses for OUR failures, and become the targets of those who promote more of the flawed economic fantasy which brought us to this economic condition. Several of the most frequented blogs have now begun to criticize the tea party participants and even the few news sources who have "dared" to report on the events. Well, we hit close to home, those who support an ever burgeoning government tend get a little crazy. (Picture a few more Subarus or Volkswagens getting more bumper stickers plastered to the point of non rear view visibility.)

It can be hard for traditional Americans to understand WHY there would be so many who might be riled in antipathy towards a movement which merely reiterates the intent of the builders of our country; that of a "limited government." In Michigan alone, have witnessed firsthand the most remarkable failures as a result of central government planning and interference. A series of attempts by an overactive governor and legislative body that coupled with incompetent taxation schemes has destroyed entire industries, and left many without a reliable source of income.

So we, who bear the fruit of the work of well paid and benefited "public servants" find empty pockets all too often. But there ARE those who benefit FROM those public servants in a positive manner. But it is not whom many might consider. It is hardly the welfare recipient, nor is it the environment.

The welfare recipient; the presumed target of taxpayer largess through a bureaucratic skinning process, becomes the victim. The victim of a methodology which is designed to keep that person in a perpetual state of neediness. The victim of those who "serve," that carry a desire to remain in power THROUGH the victims perceived want. If the Victim raises to a higher level, there is no longer a need for the services provided by our pandering philanthropic public misanthropes.

The Environment; a place where we live that is going to be protected from the locusts known as human beings. Protected not by any real science, but by bureaucratic edict. Restored not by reasoned approaches but in fact ruined and made unenjoyable by limiting access, even to those with restorative plans and motives. Made worse through policies which promote lower carbon emitting combustion vehicles, but also lowering efficiencies which nullify the initial benefit. Further, the question remains as to the eventual safety because of increased toxicity of some of the substitutes that were used to save a few lbs of CO2.

The "winners," are those who are able with through heavy lobbying and promises to less than scrutible representatives of our will, move policy to favor whatever their enterprise might be. They are those who actually "write" the laws our lazy representatives forget to read, yet pass with too little discussion. The "silent partner" of a sort, to our representatives. A wink, and a nod. Complete with the promise of re-election assistance, simple graft, or a job later in life..

The recent Tea Party events threaten to upset this comfortable arrangement however.

And as the elected are now put on notice, the purveyors of disinformation swing into full stride attempting to destroy the legitimacy of the movement. With claims that because "Fox news" was reporting on the events, and had made plans to attend a few, it MUST be that they were "promoting" the event. All the time ignoring the fact that GE, which has lobbyists pushing heavily for carbon reduction laws through its "news" reporting and political posturing for the left that benefits its environmental concern financially. While attempting to place as a label on the organizational efforts of individuals a stamp of illegitimacy, as a method of nullifying the corrective effect of our efforts.

They are truly scared of this movement.


Jameson said...


I saw you’re a fellow Michigander and thought you might be interested in Rep. Thaddeus McCotter from Livonia and his youtube videos and releases to ingest and post if you like. He’s witty but strongly principled and articulate. If you would like to receive updates on his media appearances and statements, please let me know.


Jameson Cunningham
Press Secretary
Office of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (MI-11)

YouTube channel:

McCotter at tax day tea party:

Lou Dobbs interview on autos:

Witty banter on Fox News Red Eye:

Jason Gillman said...

Mr. McCotter might well be one of a FEW reps who survive the next round of congressional culling by a generally pissed off population.